Layers by Hella Jongerius

Now available: Layers by Hella Jongerius for Maharam consists of three embroidered patterns: Layers Garden, Layers Park and Layers Vineyard, available in a combination of single and double layer variations. Wool felt, being a rapidly renewable material, provides you a nice sustainable textile option.

From Maharam: “Jongerius often explores the theme of pairing both new and old techniques of production in her designs. In the case of Layers, the use of sophisticated full-width embroidery machinery is juxtaposed with the artisanal hand-cutting of felt in the double layer variations, resulting in an industrial craft hybrid.”

Single layered options are $125 per yard. Double-layered options, $250.

Some of you may remember this gorgeous textile from NeoCons of years’ past.  Until now, it wasn’t available.  We’re happy to see that Maharam found the right blend of technology and handwork to get this product produced!  Samples are available in the Library.

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