The Lab was swooning after a visit from Ann Sacks this week.  Lots of incredibly great stuff but our favorite was a hand-carved marble designed by Robert Kuo.  (Click on images below for larger images.)

From Ann Sacks website: ‘Han Bai Yu (Chinese White Marble) & Qing Shi (Chinese Black Marble) are fine marbles found in the Hebei Province of China. Stone carvers use a chisel and hammer to carve the intricate designs, then finish by using grinding tools, in the traditional jade-carving technique. Craftsmen once used this method to carve pieces for Buddhist temples. Patterns incorporate traditional Chinese motifs alongside design elements of Western European Art Deco.’

The finish of the pieces are absolutely amazing.  They are costly, starting at $216.56 sf, but the craftsmanship is worth the price for the right installtion.  Samples are not available in the Library however, you can contact Ann Sacks for more information.

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