Grenite (Not a Misspelling)

Grenite is a patented solid surfacing material developed by Greneker Solutions and RMD, Inc. Grenite is a ceramic/resin matrix that yields extraordinary resistance to surface wear and tear.  Can be fabricated of up to 85% post-industrial waste.
• Manufactured via a cold-pour molded method or production. No VOC’s are released into atmosphere. No by-products, precipitates or reside wastes which need to be disposed of are created. The process occurs at room temperature; no additional energy is required to drive the manufacturing process.
• 100% of Grenite is recyclable, becoming the basis to build new Grenite.  By design, these materials can exist in a perpetual closed loop, continually serving as both finished product and new raw material.
• Starting at $25 sq. ft..  Pieces shipped with pre-drilled holes, pre-fabricated at no additional cost.
• Material has been used for cashwraps at REI, Nike Outlets, benches on Manhattan Beach.

Samples of Grenite are available in the Library.  You have to see them in person to apprecitae this material coolness factor!

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