Play and Erase

For years, people have been looking for more options for their walls. Ways to make spaces more functional. This year at NeoCon, everyone saw a new option. Dry Erase Paint by IdeaPaint. This single-coat roller-applied paint transforms surfaces into a dry-erase writing surface.

A few notes (from IdeaPaint’s website):

Tested and designed to work with all industry-standard dry-erase markers.

Should be cleaned with a standard dry-erase eraser or a dry cloth after each use. For periodic and more thorough cleaning, a damp cloth may be used.

Will be a high quality dry-erase surface 7 days after it is applied. IdeaPaint can be applied to any smooth surface.

IdeaPaint has been given a 5-year limited warranty. It is only available in white.

Distributed in the US by MDC Wallcoverings!

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