Great eco-friendly mosaics from modwalls. Modwalls makes mosaic tiles in different materials such as metal , ceramic and glass. Check out their website for more details (be sure to check out the cork mosaic tile – it’s gorgeous).

100% Recycled Glass Tile (shown above) from modwalls website Consumer bottles are crushed into small pieces, tumbled and then mesh mounted onto 12″ by 12″ interlocking sheets. These are 100% recycled glass, and since there is no melting involved, very little energy is used in the production process. The clear color plays well with whatever light source is available, and they pick up grout and surrounding colors beautifully. The example shown is grouted with pure white grout. Ideal for wet and dry areas both indoor and outdoor including floors, pools and spas.”

12″x12″ 100% Recycled Glass sample available in the Library.

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