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From the Lamin-Art newsletter, The Source:

Finish is particularly important to the design impact of high-pressure decorative laminate, as it determines the Light Reflectance Value or LRV of the product. LRV is a numerical value associated with the amount of light reflected off a surface. The measurement is obtained by a gloss meter and can range anywhere from 0 (low sheen) to 100 (high reflectivity). The sheen level of textured surfaces vary, anywhere from very low to the mid teens when moderate light refraction and reflection are achieved. Glossy surfaces have a high degree of reflectivity, typically near 100.

Besides overall design impact, the LRV is important to note when specifying HPL, because surfaces with lower LRVs (more textured than smooth) tend to show less fingerprints, smudges and scratches over time. Higher LRVs, such as a standard glossy finish, while visually appealing, tend to fingerprint and scratch easier, therefore ongoing maintenance is more of an issue. Be sure to keep the anticipated use of the end application in mind when selecting the finish of the laminate. Click here for the various finish options available from Lamin-Art.

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