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Welcome to The Lab! Wanted to give a little shout out to the visitors who’ve been visiting recently from England, The Netherlands and all over the world.




Also wanted to quickly explain what we’re about, just in case anyone is curious. The Lab represents the musings and latest finds from the Resource Designers at FRCH Design Worldwide. We’re located in Cincinnati, Ohio and are part of an interior design and architecture firm of over 250 awesomely creative folks. Our firm specializes in hospitality and retail design. We’ve been around for 39 years.


The Resource Designers at FRCH are involved in all aspects of our projects and make the designers’ dreams reality. Abstract ideas become powerful, inspired environments through material selection. The selection of color, materials, texture and light plays a critical role in shaping the consumer experience. We provide the broadest selection possible to ensure aesthetics, cost,maintenance, durability and specification needs are met.


Our homebase is our Library, a 3,000 square foot sample, literature and inspirational space. Our heart is creativity, technology and experimentation with new materials and techniques, that’s why we’re The Lab.


We encourage you to check out some of our firm’s recent accomplishments here, here, and here.

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As experts in Resource Design, we constantly evolve.

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