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“Developed by Japan-based Suzuran Corporation, Reben is an environmentally remediating paint made from 100 percent natural ingredients. Created as a response to sick-building syndrome and poor indoor-air quality, Reben emits no harmful volatile organic compounds and actually cleans the air.The environmentally friendly coating, which means “alive” in German, is comprised of powdered Japanese washi paper, seaweed glue, scallop-shell powder, titanium dioxide, and natural pigments. Washi naturally controls humidity, absorbing moisture during the summer and releasing it during the winter. Scallop-shell powder prevents mold and bacteria growth, as well as flame-spread. Titanium dioxide acts as a photocatalyst, deodorizing the air and absorbing pollution when the paint surface is illuminated.

Despite its completely natural and edible composition, Reben is a durable coating that is preferable to wallpaper. Its textured surface conveys a plasterlike richness, and it is available in a variety of textures, colors, and integrated natural grasses. Reben has no chemical glues or dyes that would negate its positive effects.”

Very interesting concept. This would be a revolutionary product if it delivers what it says it can and still provide the durability of a paint or wallcovering.

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