Big A** Ceramic Tile

Bryan Kerrigan creates large architectural art via ceramic and rubber tiles. His tiles are large in scale and bold in color. Samples of the tiles are in the Library.

kerrigan-100507.jpgFrom Bryan’s website: “I like the idea that there is no right or wrong in the making of art. This freedom for me has a big artistic push. With ideas of new forms, for tiles and sculptures, I had the desire to experiment with new materials. With their uplifting color, soothing shapes, and high touch-ability (being ceramic), I believe my forms would provide a stimulating environment for people of all ages.

After years of researching ceramic and rubber, and painstakingly exerting their basic capacities, I feel I have only just begun to realize their potential as a medium. It is this excitement I’d like viewers to feel when looking at my art.”

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