Not Nanobots, Nano-Tex

Nano-Tex is a fabric treatment that is relatively new. Wanted to take a moment to discuss this innovative treatment for those of you not familiar with it.

Unlike conventional methods that coat the fabric, Nano-Tex uses a process that bonds to each fiber, so your textiles last longer, retain their natural hand, and breathe normally. It is woven into the fabric – not topical. Which means that it is not a treatment that can be added to a fabric like Gore.

Here’s a few details:

1. Nanotex fabrics resist spills, repels stains, wicks away moisture and resists static without sacrificing natural hand.

2. Nanotex treatments maintain their effectiveness for the life of the fabric.

3. Less chemistry is used in the process so natural hand is unaffected.

4. Performance is permanent.

5. Never loses breathability.

6. Nanotex products meet enviromental health & safety standards established by: EPA, OSHA & CPSC.

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