3Form to the Power of Three


Debuting at NeoCon this year was a new color system by 3Form. This system revolutionizes the way you can choose color by giving you 10,000 different color options with no upcharge.

Color to the Power of Three starts with 23 colors, them multiplies those by 2 to deepen the saturation of color. Take any three of the 46 colors and mix, match, and layer them. Sandwich standard interlayers of pattern and mix it up even more. Wan to use a texture, no problem.

It’s fun to play with and gives you more choices than before. This coloring process is also new to 3Form via a method in which the color ‘gel’ is within the acrylic – not a woven layer. This provides more pure color.


Come check out the new sample box in the Library or their website for more information.


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