Floral Carpet Project

Courtesy of corporate sponsor Procter & Gamble, Fountain Square in Cincinnati will soon be covered with a large scale floral carpet. A 7,000 square foot ‘carpet’ of flowers will be laid on the square replacing the winter ice rink and much of the square. The installation will consist of approximately 10,000 pansies and mulch installed by the Cincinnati Parks Department beginning April 9th.

The tapestry pattern is based on a 1930 art moderne tapestry (shown below) in the Cincinnati Art Museum‘s collection by Paul Poiret. The original tapestry will be on display for a limited time to highlight this event. The idea is inspired by similar installations in other cities, shown is one from Brussels.


When the project is dismantled, April 29th, people will be encouraged to come and take them home. The remaining flowers will be planted in Cincinnati parks. The exhibit coincides with other horticultural events within the city.

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