The Mythbusters Test Scuffmaster


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In 2007, The Resource Design scientists at FRCH will be performing hands-on testing of material myths. We call these the ‘Resource Design Mythbusters Challenges’.

The first Challenge was held in conjunction with our friends at Singer Wallcoverings and tested Scuffmaster on-site application.

The Myth: The Mythbusters have had reports that on-site application is troublesome for contractors. Due to Scuffmaster’s wide array of color and finish options this is problematic for designers who wish to specify the product for their projects. Scuffmaster advises that you can apply their basic ScrubTough paint finish on-site by several techniques; brush, roller, or airless sprayer.

Singer Wallcoverings provided us with paint, tools and an application expert to help us test techniques.

Each Mythbuster tested both methods themselves. The application of the paint in both methods was easy, even for novices.

The Results: The Mythbusters conclude that Scuffmaster is easy to apply on-site when the proper process is followed. In addition, the availability of Scuffmaster experts to assist in on-site contractor training makes it a specifiable product.

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