SOCIAL SPORT: Reds With MLB’S Ballpark Technology


This year the Cincinnati Reds have introduced some technology upgrades at Great American Ballpark to help fans connect socially and personalize their ballpark experience. New this year at the stadium is the “Reds Connect Zone,” (located along 3rd base line), which includes 25 screens, multiple charging stations and free wi-fi. A few of the displays are devoted solely to fan photos, Tweets, and Facebook polls.

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Just Keep Learning…

Just keep learning

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, right? Well I’d like to bury that bone with all of the others. I don’t ever want to be considered an old dog who is too stubborn to learn new tricks. As a matter of pretty unfortunate fact, I have a larger sweet tooth for learning right now than I ever while did in school. Ever since I have become more accepting to broadening my horizons, I am finding that my plate is already full and the figurative dim sum cart keeps passing with more delicious opportunities. Read more of this post

Innovations in Wood Flooring

Wood floors are the Chanel suit of interior design, chic and timeless. They bring richness and a soft texture to the retail and hospitality environments we design. New technology and fabrication techniques have permeated all areas of design, including the classic wood floor. Here are a few of our favorite innovations.

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Croque Madame’s iPads Ready For Take-Off

On my most recent jaunt through New York’s JFK Airport, something new caught my eye. Immediately, I noticed patterned wall-covering accented with bright pink edging and ambient pendant lighting in Delta’s Terminal 2. From across the terminal the space immediately stood out to me as a pleasant place to sit and relax while waiting for a flight, then as I got closer I realized something even more unique. At each and every seat within this terminal area was an iPad2, equipped with outlets and USB ports (in an airport, that’s equivalent to striking gold!). Read more of this post

Spring Greening

Now is a great time to spring clean but instead of tossing techno-waste and other items in the trash, where it ultimately ends up polluting the planet, you might consider some eco-friendly strategies provided by Earth Conscious retailers and organizations.

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The Future of Retail Lighting

The possibilities of retail lighting in the future and the implications and opportunities that it could transform the customer’s shopping experience are exciting to imagine. Philips Lighting Headquarters showcases a lighting lab to explore the potential ways customers may interact and respond to lighting. Read more of this post

For the Love of the Game

Some sports enthusiasts will pay a pretty penny to enjoy their favorite pastime. Check out the video courtesy of Co. Design Daily of “A Modernist’s Foosball Table”, priced at a mere $68,000. The foosball table marries the personal passion for the game with high design. Whether or not you are a fan of foosball, one must appreciate the attention to detail in this piece. Click here to see the video.


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