Retail on Opposite Sides of the Spectrum

Recently on a local exploring mission I encountered two radically different approaches to the retail medium. One, a treasure trove of found objects where the most rewarding discoveries come from not knowing what you’re looking for. The other, a meticulously organized creative playground for the minds of children and their parents. While both were certainly memorable they illustrated the drastically different mentality of two distinct groups of shoppers, people that believe great retail experiences come with hard work and dedication, and people that, well, want shopping to be easy.

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Great Boots AND Brand Personality… WHAT?!?

In my never-ending quest for great (and travel appropriate) boots and only having disappointing retail experiences trying to find them, I finally had to turn to online sources – and frankly, I will never go back! has won me over!  While I knew I would love the boots – I had no idea the Brand experience would be so delightful. Read more of this post

EuroShop 2011

The FRCH team is back from EuroShop 2011, we are brimming with excitement over everything we saw and look forward to sharing inspiration!

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Branded Content

The web continues to provide new avenues for a brand to connect with consumers. I recently stumbled upon The AnthropologistAnthropologie’s latest web addition that removes itself from product and emotionally connects and inspires consumers with a variety of topics—photography, craft, artistry, etc.

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Ralph Lauren 4D

Telling an authentic brand story has always been a mantra for Ralph Lauren. Taking that brand story to the next level is what Ralph Lauren recently accomplished with stunning dynamism at its two iconic flagships in New York and London with digital mapping technology creating a 4D experience.

(be sure to watch the video)

(still image via

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Destination Paris

As they say, Paris is the “city of lights”, a beautifully, electrically charged, yet historically grounded city.

A recent trip to Paris was “illuminating”, so many sights to take in. Yes, there are the famous sites which are beyond enlightenment: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre (which was at one time someone’s residence!), Notre Dame, etc., but there is so much more in the “everyday” for the eye to take in: the food, the fashion, and of course the retail!

Merchandise presentation is an art in Paris: a visual feast for the eyes. The attention to detail, craft, beauty, and art behind the product or service is impeccable. For anyone visiting Paris, I recommend seeing anything! The selected shots below are from random days of “window shopping” encountered throughout the city. Enjoy….my favorite is the “paper skirt”. Yes, the skirt is made of paper!

Every good dress, needs a good matching shoe: the paper shoe is from a stationary store.

Random shots:

Details: Citroen & Mercedes-Benz

Forever Fabulous

I don’t wear their clothes, but I can’t help it, I love this store! .

 The new Forever 21 flagship  store at 1540 Broadway (Times Square) opened this summer. There are four levels, and reportedly 90,000 square feet. If you start at the bottom floor, there is apparel, but the  Shoe department is the big draw. Mens and Kids are a big component of the  floor above that, complete with a treehouse display. Makeup and Jewelry are just below  the main floor, with plenty of apparel here also. The Jewelry and Accessories area houses a huge “play table” that creates a place to mix, match, and try on. The main floor  is the place to shop if you’re looking for Forever 21’s trademark merchandise….inexpensive, trendy, contemporary looks. This main floor uses the volume of space well, with large fashion graphics.

 The store is open until 2:00 a.m. on weekends, and the music is loud but not offensive (even for me!) .  This only adds to the energy and vibe that is part of this store experience. When I visited the store in August, the visual merchandising  gave a nod to the store’s New York location, predominately by parking a taxi display at the escalator well.  This store is a must-see if you’re shopping in new York.

If You Can Read This…

I am psyched to share some of the first photographs we have received from Harley-Davidson that show our latest collaboration with H-D’s Retail Environment Group. Read more of this post

Pur & Simple Retail Signage

Canadian furniture retailer Maison Corbeil implements stunningly simple signage elements that make the retail experience at moments feel like a day at the spa.

Utilizing internal lighting and simple typography—the integrated signage solutions are highly impactful without  overwhelming the space—and remind me of what I love about the branding of another successful furniture retailer Crate & Barrel.

All images

Partners & Spade

Located in NoHo in NYC, Partners & Spade is a creative studio producing films, books, apparel, and products and well as marketing, branding and retail design. Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti established the studio in 2008, and since have worked with brands ranging from Absolut Vodka to J. Crew to K-Swiss.

Be sure to check out their blog, not only is it a brilliant collection of inspiration, but there is a filter tool that allows you to sort posts by chroma.

Partners & Spade store design (with Rogers Marvel Architects)

J. Crew Liquor Store, mens store design

K-Swiss limited edition product collaboration


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