It’s Grand

No matter how many times you’ve seen it, Grand Central Terminal in New York never ceases to inspire. At 42nd and Park Avenue, it is the largest train station in the world by number of platforms: 44, with 67 tracks along them.

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Hatch Show Print

I’m embarassed to admit that we have 2 Hatch posters rolled up in a tube at home. It wasn’t until I personally experienced the history and craftsmanship of each poster’s production that I realized why my husband had been so enthusiastic about this artwork, brought home years ago.

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The Future of Retail Lighting

The possibilities of retail lighting in the future and the implications and opportunities that it could transform the customer’s shopping experience are exciting to imagine. Philips Lighting Headquarters showcases a lighting lab to explore the potential ways customers may interact and respond to lighting. Read more of this post

Eleven Paris is a 10

One of the standout shops I encountered while visiting across the pond was Eleven Paris. Their store design is youthful and edgy with playful, bold details that mimic the brands clothing. Read more of this post

Retail Gets Personal

Often as designers, we forget that getting the customer in the door and in the dressing room is an important part of making the sell. From personal experience, I know this is true. New Balance didn’t want to chance it.  So they invited magazine editors to truly try out the new spring collection. Read more of this post

Retail in the Office

At first glance, this looks like a huge retail warehouse where you could spend the entire day shopping, kind of like an upscale Ikea.  In fact, it is actually Urban Outfitters’  corporate headquarters, Urban Inc. in Philadelphia. In my opinion, this makes it much more interesting and quite different from your normal retail warehouse. Read more of this post

Retail on Opposite Sides of the Spectrum

Recently on a local exploring mission I encountered two radically different approaches to the retail medium. One, a treasure trove of found objects where the most rewarding discoveries come from not knowing what you’re looking for. The other, a meticulously organized creative playground for the minds of children and their parents. While both were certainly memorable they illustrated the drastically different mentality of two distinct groups of shoppers, people that believe great retail experiences come with hard work and dedication, and people that, well, want shopping to be easy.

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