For the Love of the Game

Some sports enthusiasts will pay a pretty penny to enjoy their favorite pastime. Check out the video courtesy of Co. Design Daily of “A Modernist’s Foosball Table”, priced at a mere $68,000. The foosball table marries the personal passion for the game with high design. Whether or not you are a fan of foosball, one must appreciate the attention to detail in this piece. Click here to see the video.

Impeccable Detail

While strolling through the streets of London recently looking for the latest and greatest retail and hospitality venues, some colleagues and I stumbled upon the doors of a hidden gem, Tsunami Kitchens. Their mantra is “” and style they deliver in the most refined manner.

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Waiting For Summer

A recent business trip to Connecticut had our team determined to see something more of this beautiful state beyond our hotel. On an evening that was warm enough to hint at spring, we drove the country backroads from Meriden to the shore town of  Clinton. A right turn at Town Marina Road did not disappoint. This residential road, filled with 19th century homes, eventually led to a small marina and lobster shack, which were the quintessential picture  of small town New England.

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Branded Content

The web continues to provide new avenues for a brand to connect with consumers. I recently stumbled upon The AnthropologistAnthropologie’s latest web addition that removes itself from product and emotionally connects and inspires consumers with a variety of topics—photography, craft, artistry, etc.

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windy city food tour…

Food & Beverage KioskChicago, one of America’s classic cities, has it all – from retail to incredible Architecture to most importantly RESTAURANTS… it is really a design paradise – even when the wind chill is -10 degrees.

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Illustrative Style

Designers have amazing skills. The method to which we “create” our designs is ever changing. Technology pushes the realm of possibilities and presentation styles. (Adobe Creative Suite Products, AutoCAD, 3D Modeling software, Google SketchUp, etc.) It is amazing how “realistic” design concepts have become because of technology.  While I find rendering in Photoshop on a Wacom to be equally relaxing and empowering, there are times I wish I only had my “Pilot Razor Point II Pen” and my “Prismacolor” Markers.

For me the “craft” behind the design has always been a point of inspiration, and of all designers it is fashion designers I envy the most. I find their drawings and ideations to be emotive, dynamic, artistic, and just jawbreaking. I admit it. I am jealous.

The Design Museum in London currently is showcasing a collection of Fashion Design sketches. Read the full article at Wallpaper and be inspired. Below are a few images that caught my eye.

Source: The Business of Fashion, November 4, 2010

Image of the exhibit at the Design Museum London

Images via Wallpaper.

Destination Paris

As they say, Paris is the “city of lights”, a beautifully, electrically charged, yet historically grounded city.

A recent trip to Paris was “illuminating”, so many sights to take in. Yes, there are the famous sites which are beyond enlightenment: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre (which was at one time someone’s residence!), Notre Dame, etc., but there is so much more in the “everyday” for the eye to take in: the food, the fashion, and of course the retail!

Merchandise presentation is an art in Paris: a visual feast for the eyes. The attention to detail, craft, beauty, and art behind the product or service is impeccable. For anyone visiting Paris, I recommend seeing anything! The selected shots below are from random days of “window shopping” encountered throughout the city. Enjoy….my favorite is the “paper skirt”. Yes, the skirt is made of paper!

Every good dress, needs a good matching shoe: the paper shoe is from a stationary store.

Random shots:

Details: Citroen & Mercedes-Benz

Name that Voiceover…

Advertising agencies are elevating the level of ‘Branding’ in commercials these days, with the more widely accepted practice of employing key celebrities to do their voiceovers. An art in itself, casting the right voice – and often, more importantly, the right celebrity character’s voice, adds depth to these commercials that is almost on a subconscious level. If you emotionally connect with that character, can the simple use of his or her voice connect you to that product as well? Do you listen to the message more intently when ‘Don Draper’ tells you to love Mercedes?

Or when Mad Men’s ‘Roger Sterling’ sells the ‘Lincoln lifestyle’?

Or can you accept Cisco and the ‘Human Network’ as a forward-thinking, inspired company when paired with a youthful Ellen Page and a classroom full of globally connected children?

Then again, a few fall short… despite his presidential confidence – am I supposed to believe that Martin Sheen is the choice, or voice, of the ‘Next Generation’?

The bar has been set high and Brand’s need to be all the more aware of who their customers emotionally connect with… Trust me, we’re listening.

If you were a voiceover, which Brand would you be?

See it. Like it. Make it.

If you don’t have the funds to support a new wardrobe every season, the book P.S. – I Made This has great ideas on how to apply the latest fashion trends to existing clothing by using common materials. Written by Erica Domesek, the book contains instructions on how to make necklaces from bouncy balls, earrings from straws, a purse from pom poms, headbands from fabric scraps, and more.

Lofty Lodging

Treehotel has taken hospitality and tree houses to new heights with unique cabins lofted high the trees of Sweden. My favorite, the Mirrorcube cabin, is camouflaged into the landscape of the forest from most vantages, with a wonderfully simple and surreal welcome statement upon arrival that reflects the modern dwelling within.


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