24-Hour Pop-Up Design Challenge

Pop-Up Challenge, FrameShop, OTRIn light of our new internal brand launch, FRCH has challenged our team to a 24-Hour Design Pop-Up Challenge. What exactly is a 24-Hour Pop-Up Design Challenge you ask?? We’ve divided the entire company into 8 cross-disciplinary teams (blending designers with architects and architects with human resources…) to collaboratively create a pop-up concept within 24 hours.
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Beyond The Earbuds | Random Acts of Summer!


Are you tired of some loudmouth radio DJ telling you what the “song of the summer” is? Me too! So why not allow your fellow coworkers do it instead? Pull up your blinds (unless the sunlight obstructs your neighbor’s screen) and catch some summer .wav-s!

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Beyond the Earbuds | 5 Deep Cuts from 1 FRCHer

good news!
Good news everyone! I’ve emerged from underneath my pile of expense reports and Construction Documents with a handful of cuts for your listening pleasure. I wasn’t able to curate a list from random employees, so you’ll have to put up with my musical taste this week. Enjoy?
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Great Designs for Bike Month


May is Bike Month. In addition to increasing safety awareness, cities across the nation plan events to promote bicycling for transportation, fitness or just for fun. This May, my awareness has been increased with respect to the amazing new design in bicycles and accessories that are available to the avid cyclist, or even the occasional rider. Read more of this post

Just What The Dr. Ordered

Just what the Dr. ordered

Eyes the size of saucers, I couldn’t believe my uncle, who managed a grocery store that won a contest by selling the most Dr. Pepper in the region, was giving my sister and I the prize…a motorized Dr. Pepper go kart! From 1984 through the early 90’s our summers were spent driving, riding, pushing and occasionally being drug behind, the most fun toy a kid could ask for (…ask me about the tree I ran over during the summer of ’86). Read more of this post

Beyond The Earbuds | 5 Songs from 5 FRCHers



TGIF! Remember? Erkel? Step By Step? Cody? Never mind… here’s your Friday boost of aural caffeine!

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Beyond the Earbuds | 5 Songs From 5 FRCHers

Holy Potatoes Batman, we made it to Friday! Why not celebrate with a couple of deep cuts hand picked by your co-workers?

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