Strutting LG at Product Runway

A couple of years ago, FRCH partnered with D.L Couch wallcovering and walked away with people’s choice! This year we didn’t disappoint. FRCH was asked by Theresa Schneider, our LG rep, to design, build, and model a dress all from LG. Without hesitation, we took on the challenge.

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Retail Gets Personal

Often as designers, we forget that getting the customer in the door and in the dressing room is an important part of making the sell. From personal experience, I know this is true. New Balance didn’t want to chance it.  So they invited magazine editors to truly try out the new spring collection. Read more of this post

Retail in the Office

At first glance, this looks like a huge retail warehouse where you could spend the entire day shopping, kind of like an upscale Ikea.  In fact, it is actually Urban Outfitters’  corporate headquarters, Urban Inc. in Philadelphia. In my opinion, this makes it much more interesting and quite different from your normal retail warehouse. Read more of this post

Aged, High Tech, and Fabulous

New York City streets are filled with inspiration, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when I saw an entire window filled with 1940’s sewing machines. I couldn’t resist and wandered inside All Saints, a clothing boutique. Read more of this post

Twirling Tutus

What can be more glamorous than a sparkling tutu twirling and floating on stage? Wearing one…

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Inspirational Runway


Very little excitement happens in these long winter months, but fashion week always brightens things up and this year doesn’t disappoint. Bold colors, strong silhouettes, and lots of layers await us for next fall. Until then, we can use these fabulous shows and glamorous detailed collections for inspiration. Who are some of your favorite fashion designers? Read more of this post

Warm and Fuzzy

It would be great if spring could hurry up, but since it is still only February, we will just have to enjoy some lovely warm and fuzzy accessories designed and made by Jess Baker. Read more of this post

Fabulous Window Displays

If you have ever wandered through a Louis Vuitton store, you know that every detail has been thought out and a luxurious journey awaits you.  The new store on Bond Street in London is no different. However, the window displays themselves draw you in immediately. Read more of this post

Perfect Expressions

“Merry Christmas, Grandma… We Came In Our New Plymouth!”

Plymouth Advertisement, Life, December 25, 1950

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Sexy Snakeskin

As designers we are constantly being asked to transform a space, make it new, fresh, and appealing. So we are continuously discussing transformation, whether it is how the space, the people, or even the fixtures transform. However, we often forget about the behavioral side of transformation.

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